lahti_3_027_r Dear athletes and participants of the World Masters Athletic Championships in Porto Alegre (Brazil) 2013

The LOC of Porto Alegre is trying to sell the Championship 2013 for a TV channel, and they asked the LOC about former olympic athletes who usually participate in the championships.

Please be so kind and contact our Secretary René Hondelink or our President
Kurt Kaschke to send us some information about the plans for Brazil 2013 of
your athletes.

or directly to

Sinara Lourdes Zorzo

Diretora Administrativa/Financeira da ABRAM

Fone Comercial: 51 3289.6782

Celular: 51 9146.7747

Skype: sinarazorzo

XX World Masters Athletics Championships Stadia

16 a 27 de Outubro de 2013

Porto Alegre - Rs - Brasil


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