dsc030441_schnitt1_r On the occasion of its rotational meeting EVAA Council elected the European Best Veterans 2009 ("EBV"): Gitte Karlshöj (DEN / W 50) and Guido Müller (GER / M 70).

The award ceremony will take place in the EVAA Central Office in Marathon (GRE) on January 23, 2010.


1. Guido Müller, GER

Born 221238 (M70). In 2009 he has bettered the world records in five individual events:

200m indoors   (26.92)         28.02.09
400m indoors   (59.92)         01.03.09
200m outdoors (26.48/-0.6)  01.07.09
400m outdoors (59.34)         07.08.09
300m Hurdles outdoors (45.24) 10.07.09

In the European Veteran Championship Indoors in Ancona, FRA March 25-29 he won two gold medals in M70: 60m (8.30) and 400m (60.08). He did not participate in 200m.

In the WMA Championships in Lahti, FIN July 28-Auguste 8 he won three individual events: 100m (13.17/+0.6), 200m (26.81/-2.1) and 400m (59.34). He also participated in the winning German relay teams 4 x 100m (53.07) and 4 x 400m (4.17.47, world record)

In most of these events he is superior to the other veterans in his age class M70 and has outclassed the old records. In 300m hurdles he bet the Canadians Earl Fee’s ten year old classical world record from 49.07 to 45.24!


1. Gitte Karlshöj, DEN

Born 140559 (W50). In 2009 she has set up three world records and one European Record outdoors:

- 1500m (4.40.7m)      16.05.09 World Record
- 3000m (9.47.20)       19.05.09 World Record
- 5000m (16.51.17)     23.06.09 World Record
- 10 000m (35.41.90) 25.08.09 European Record

In the WMA Championships in Lahti she convincingly won 5000m (17.24.63)
In the European Nonstadia Championships in Århus, DEN she equally superior won 10km Road Run with 36.11 three minutes before the second woman in W50..

Thus she is superior to the other veterans in W50 in distances from 1500 m upwards.


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