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2350 Athletes entered for EMACI 2016 up to 12th of February

    EMA Council Members Helena Maria Pires de Carvalho and Kurt Kaschke met the team of EMACI 2016 for the last technical visit in Palaindoor (Ancona). Giuseppe Scorzoso (General Director of the LOC) welcomed the delegation and presented the team which is responsible for a successful championship in March.20160208_144622_r

    It is always good to have a checklist from both sides to manage all the details to serve the athletes and visitors the best.
    Some main parts changed since Ancona hosted the masters in 2009.
    Entering the area of Palaindoor, a new surface was put on the rugby stadium – it will be used for warming up.
    The cross just outside the indoor arena will suite most of the runners, because the LOC shorted the course and made it flat.
    The City of Ancona prepared a very good Race-Walking Course just 500m away from the Palaindoor – easy access and easy to reach.
    All athletes will have free transportation in Ancona and accompanied persons may ask for the ticket as well (10€).
    The hotels are not directly located around the indoor arena but easy to reach. The hotels – recommended by the LOC – will have a special shuttle service, organized by the LOC.
    The result management will be managed well because EMA and LOC are using SIGMA System.
    Important to know for all visitors, athletes and media representatives – internet is free via WLAN system.
    The procedure of entering the competition is the same – most of our athletes are used to:
    Accreditation and confirmation – both desks are right beside.
    The Team of the LOC including Enrico Benes SIGMA Team will assist you the best they can.

    Ancona – we are ready meeting you!