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2nd letter from Walentina Fedjuschina

    Dear EMA Family,

    I hope you are all healthy and stay motivated in these difficult times.
    The opportunity to work with all of you and to influence the future of our sport is the biggest decision in my life.
    Our Council has been prepared for this work and, together with your trust and support, we will not let you down.

    I would like to introduce you my colleagues who are always ready to help you with your requests and questions.

    Executive Vice – President       FRANCESCO DE FEO
    Vice – President Competitions  GIOVANNI TRACANELLI
    Vice – President Finances        ERCAN OZKAN
    General Secretary                    MARIA CLARISSE DUARTE

    Please send us your ideas, complaints, requests and proposals.
    We will be happy to resolve them with you as quickly as possible.
    At this moment we have started to appoint our Management Team – 26 positions.
    Please send us the CV’s of possible candidates interested in working with us, who have the necessary skills and time to dedicate to this job.
    I would also really appreciate it if you could provide us with your 2022 calendar and update the results information after each Masters championship / meeting in your country.

    It would be great if you could appoint a person responsible for communicating the results between your federation and the EMA – it would be a great help in getting up to date information on all the
    events in your country.
    By popular demand from our members, we would like it to be published on our website.

    Thank you in advance for your attention and collaboration.
    Stay safe !

    Walentina Fedjuschina