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A Possible World – a documentation by Stefano Cavezzi

    A POSSIBLE WORLD tells the story of a rebirth of Franco Marchegiani, who was eighty two years old and who was suffering from an illness which seemed incurable and that upset his life.
    One day I knocked on his door convincing him to join up our team of Masters Athletes.
    His sensational return to active sporting, to the never forgotten love of his youth, Athletics, meant for Franco a real renaissance.
    Sport often takes on a therapeutic role and represents a new chance for a better life.
    He has become an extraordinary example for all those who find themselves in adverse situations.

    Through Franco’s moving example, “ A POSSIBLE WORLD “ becomes above all a message of hope and courage towards young people.
    What comes out is a portrait of a genuine man moving in the fine line between life and passion.

    A POSSIBLE WORLD: the one of sport, ATHLETICS, one of the few worlds to be proposed to our children, to our people, as a real alternative to the jack values of today’s society.
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