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A Short summary of EVAA/EMA history and EVAA/EMA activites

Due to Cesare Beccalli’s (Italy) and Roland Jerneryd’s (Sweden) initiative, in September of the year 1978 was founded the EUROPEAN VETERANS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION in Viareggio – Italy.
Already former to this date other associations were founded in different European countries, as the National Bodies recognized the necessity and wish in offering competitions to their veteran athletes.

Jacques Serruys-Belgium, was one of the members of EVAA foundation. Viareggio was not only the place of foundation, it was also the place in 1978, where the first European Championships took place. 1.193 athletes from Europe came together to celebrate this event. The actual President of EVAA (European Veterans Athletic Association) was Kurt Kaschke – Germany.

Since this date, the Stadia Championships developed in an impressive way, and reached to the maximum of 4.385 participants in the EVAA Championships in Postdam – Germany in 2002.

After more or less 10 years later, the first EVAA Road Championships (Non-Stadia) were offered to european veteran athletes. For Jacques Serruys, as foundation member, it was a personal objective to organise those first EVAA Championships in Brugge-Belgium in June 1989. More than 1000 runners and walkers had participated. In Qormi-Malta, right now, the 7th EVAA Championships on road took place, giving proof of a satisfactory development.

In 1997, thanks to the offer of Birmingham – Britain EVAA was able to offer another event, the Indoor Championships. Was also initiated with international invitation – athletes from Europe, America and Africa were competing together.

In 1999, the city of Malmo, was the hosting country for the 2nd EVAA Indoor-Championships, but on this occasion only for european athletes. With great success and engagement, the 3rd Championships were held in the City of Bordeaux-France, (March 2001) where more than 1.000 athletes were competing on high level during 4 days, with the introduction of the combined events.

Nowadays, EVAA can offer their Affiliates 3 different Championships: Stadia – every even-numbered year; Non-Stadia – every odd-numbered year; Indoor – every odd-numbered year.

The interest of european athletes to compete within those championships, is increasing constantly. EVAA is pleased to see that we are in the lucky situation to get bidders for all our championships, and a financial guarantee, due to entries, is given, too.

The EVAA Council meets twice per year. Within those Council Meetings, main items are of course, the organisation of the Championships, the working out of the different offers, team work with the Local Organisers, inspections of the places, problems of countries which become an Affiliate, and all type of consulting matters which might rise up in certain countries.

During the General Assembly, which takes place on occasion of the Stadia Championships, proposals to Constitution or By-Laws are firm points on the Agenda, as well as trying to improve more and more in benefit of our athletes. There is no doubt that it is the wish of EVAA to keep a good balance and understanding among all our Affiliates. We might say, that Europe reflects all overseen, a high level due to the effort made by all of us.

During the EA Convention on Malta 2012 three council members attended the meetings and discussed among EA delegates the cooperation to Master Athletics and to promote Master Athletics to the federations. Master Athletics is still not well recognized in some European countries. EVAA Council put this topic on its agenda for the next years to work as ambassadors of Master Athletics in the regions.

In the meanwhile, an Internet-Web-Site was created ( where Affiliates as well as athletes can see the latest news from EVAA.

The Council created a new structure in offices, to make sure that the business is carried on different shoulders:
– the Technical Board of Managers – organize EVAA championships
– two Working Groups: Statistician Working Group and Coaches and Athletes Working Group.

EVAA has new Projects too, such as:

EMAEVAA Council changed its name to European Master Athletics.
EMITOEuropean Master International Technical Official
MATCMaster Athletic Training Camps
VYPVoluntary Youth Project – Media Assistent in EVAC
EMCGPEuropean Master Championship Guideline Project

Today EMA is cooperating with SIGMA System to have the latest best processing system in data base, online registration, championships technic. This technic will be in use for the next EMACS and EMACI. The reason for that is simple: EMA likes to continue with this up-to-date system to serve the athletes and the organizers best.

Updated September 2014
General Secretary of EMA