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Adelboden 2023 – day 2

    Beautiful sunny day today in Adelboden.
    The more than 400 starters competed in the uphill race of the Adelboden 2023 European master off road running championships: 8,800 kilometers for a difference in height of 667 meters, from the Berglader cable car station to the final station Sillerenbuhl at an altitude of 2000, on the slopes where the most important alpine skiing competitions in the world.

    To triumph in the men’s field, with a splendid and incredible brace, again the Englishman Andrew Douglas, who ruled the German Thomas Kotissek and the Swiss Cesar Costa.

    In the women’s field success of the Austrian Karin Freitag in front of two Swiss, Daniela Aeschbacher and Paola Stampanoni

    At the end of the awards ceremony, the baton and the EMA flag passed into the hands of the next organizers of Machico 2024, represented by Mayor Ricardo Franco.
    Road to Machico 2024!