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Adelboden 2023 – First day of competition

    Despite the forecasts promising sunshine from the morning, an annoying drizzle characterized the start of the more than two hundred participants in the Trail running of the Adelboden 2023 European championship.

     After a few kilometers the rain gave way to a fresh morning, perfect for running a so demanding race.

    The spectacular but also very technical course led the athletes to run, often over the ridge, the whole valley surrounding the town of Adelboden.

    The English Andrew Douglas triumphed in the men’s field ahead of the two Swiss Ruedi Becker and Cedric Mariethoz. In the women’s field, clear affirmation of the German Monika Pletzer on the Spanish Jessica Tipàn Gutierrez and on the Swiss, ex aequo, Claudia Bernasconi-Chauvin and Sara Escobar Carron.
    In the afternoon, a big awards ceremony, waiting for the most participated event, the uphill race (8.8km and 667 meters in altitude)

    All results with this link