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Adelboden 2023 – Opening Ceremony

    The Master Off Road Running Adelboden 2023 European Championships have come to life.
    At 5pm on Friday 7 July, the parade of 580 athletes (650 athletes/competition) from the 15 participating nations moved, preceded and followed by folk and musical groups, to cross the center of the Bernese Oberland town and reach the Nevada Areal, already the scene of the ceremonies of countless alpine ski championships and today the scene of the opening party of the Master championships.
    Greetings to the participants were brought by the Local Administration Coordinator Willy Schranz, by the President of the Swiss Federation Christoph Seiler and by the President of EMA Valentina Fedjuschina.
    At the end of the ceremony, EMA’s Vice President of Competition, Giovanni Tracanelli presided over the awarding of the 2022 European Best Masters for the Off Road Running category: Ana Cristina Aguado Mori (Spain) and Adolfo Accalai (Italy).
    The Technical meeting took place in the evening to define the final details of the first event, Trail Running, which will see about two hundred athletes at the start on a 36km route with 1880 meters of positive difference in altitude, with start and finish in the heart of the town.
    At the end there will be the awards ceremony and a second technical meeting to define the details of the second major event of these championships, the uphill race with over 450 athletes at the start.