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All Russian Athletics Federation’s Athletes are banned

    Dear Athletes, Officers, Team Leaders and Masters’ Associations,

    On Friday 11th March the Executive Board of IAAF had a meeting concerning the participation of athletes of the All Russian Athletics Federation – including the Russian Masters.

    IAAF General Secretary Jean Gracia sent us the information about the decision:

    “Following the discussions that took place during the IAAF Executive Board and yesterday’s decision of the Council about Russian Federation, I want to confirm that we could not allow the participation of Russian athletes to any international competition (including EMA Masters Indoor Championships in Ancona) until further notice.

    Thanks in advance for your understanding and your cooperation.”

    EMA and LOC accepted the decision and will follow this confirmation for the next European Indoor Championship in Ancona.

    We do not know for how long this decision will last, but EMA Council and WMA Council will keep in contact with IAAF and EA to talk about the next steps.

    On behalf of EMA Council

    Kurt Kaschke
    EMA President