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Ancona 2016 EMACI – 02.04.2016

    Three more world records in Ancona – April 2, 2016

    Great results and many emotions in Day 5 at the European Masters Athletics Championships Indoor in Ancona, the one with the most titles at stake — 110 individual golds. In W55 60 hurdles the Briton Susan Frisby is still improving, this time to set a new world record with 9.80 after the European one of yesterday, surpassing then a historic limit of the US Phil Raschker, 9.84 that dated back to 2003.


    In M70 triple jump Finland’s Pertti Ahomäki lands at 10.88 with the fourth jump and exceeds by 17 centimeters the previous of the Swede Stig Backlund. Starring again French Jean-Claude Demarque in the middle distance, with the world best performance in M70 1500 with 5:00:43 taking it from compatriot Jean-Louis Esnault who instead achieves the M75 continental record with 5:20.96. But there were 4 European records throughout the day: Spaniard Manuel Alonso nearly achieve to break the six-minutes barrier in M80 1500 with 6:00.01, in 60 hurdles the M45 British Joe Appiah runs 8.35 and French Georges Ribeiro runs a remarkable 4:20.62 in M55 1500. Tomorrow will be the final day of EMACI. In the morning the cross-country race at the Conti stadium, while at the Palaindoor arena will be contested the finals of 400 meters and relays.

    Luca Cassai

    translated by Barbara Greco (FIDAL)

    Susan Frisby (FotoGP / FIDAL Marche)