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Ancona – a new Record of Participation

    The entries closed on February 29th and were published just three days later
    EMA and LOC were positively surprised of the amount of entries in the different kinds of competition by master athletes.
    There are 41 European Associations which will send their athletes to Ancona.
    For Italy – the host country – we will see 1988 participants and Germany received 1163 entries in different competitions.
    Excellent as well the other European Masters Affiliates: Great Britain and Northern Ireland (735); France (567); Finland (357); Spain (331);
    The Netherlands (211); Czech Republic (178); Sweden (161); Ireland (157); Poland (155); Belgium (153); Austria (148); Switzerland (111).
    In total we will see more than 7300 athletes in different events!

    But there is more to see during these 6 days of high performance.
    Athletes from Asia, Africa, and North America entered the Championships and will participate “out of competition”.
    The European Masters will enjoy this great meeting and will welcome the athletes from Botswana, Canada, India, Japan, Madagascar, Nigeria, and Sri Lanka.

    See you soon in Italy!