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Athletes Enjoyed the Non-Stadia Championship in Monte Gordo

    dscn9632_r1045 athletes from 23 countries entered EMACNS 2016 and enjoyed the competitions next to the Atlantic of Portugal’s Algarve.

    Alexandre Monteiro – Chief of the Organizational Local Committee – created a team to make the event a success for the region.

    He put some new ideas into the organization of the competitions. One interesting part was the clip, integrated in the baton of the Cross-Relay. Water showers were offered during the races, so athletes could cool down.

    The roads were perfectly prepared and no traffic disturbed any race.

    Water supply was offered during every event and for the long distance competitions tables for private drinks were prepared as well.

    A highlight again was the medal ceremony. Moderation and presentation motivated the athletes to take part in all age group ceremonies. Italian, French, Portuguese, and British athletes took the opportunity to sing the national anthem into the microphone.

    “Great spirit! Well done!” – words that encouraged the Portuguese Team to work until the last medal was given and the last “Good-Bye” was said.

    On Sunday evening after 3 days of excitement, excellent competitions, and great results Monte Gordo became quieter again.

    “Thank you for your hospitality and great competitions! Adeus Portugal!”