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Athletics back on the road in Madeira

    It was the first road race in Portugal after the Covid-19 pandemic. Organization satisfied with compliance with the rules. Bruno Moniz and Joana Soares won the ‘Corrida do Dia da Região’, that took place on 1st of July. The competition featured a hundred athletes and it was the first road running event in Portugal and in southern European countries after pandemic. Organized by Madeira Athletics Association, all athletes followed the safety and health rules created by the Health and Civil Protection of Madeira.

    In competitive terms, in the male sector, Bruno Moniz of ADRAP became the big winner by completing the approximately five kilometers of route in the total time of 16:31. Paulo Macedo, from AJS, with 16:53 came in second place, while his junior teammate, Eduardo Pestana, was third with a final time of 17:25 minutes.

    In the women’s competition, which featured 22 athletes, the dominance of Joana Soares (AJS) stood out. She completed the race in 18:09, while Daniela Sousa of GD Estreito became second with 19:51 and Ana Luísa Viveiros, from ADRAP, came in third with 21:47.

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