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Best Master 2022 – Interview with Angela Copson (long distance)

    Angela Copson runner my life in a nutshell

    My life in a nutshell, I didn’t start running until my sixties people often say don’t you regret
    not starting early, I say no.
    My life growing up was full of animals, a specially horses, which I went on to train for eventing
    & racing, I think this bases of how to get fit & nutrition, as been helpful, for preparing myself
    for running.
    Before running I was always busy having two children, ponies clubs, dogs, & working in
    catering.Now I have three Grandchildren, Its lovely to be fit, so I can keep up with them, they think it’s
    cool that Nanna takes part in European races.
    I have amazing memories from the world’s & European, one race I will always remember is a
    400m in 2018 Malaga I’d pop the race in my schedule, to keep my legs active. I could not
    believe it, being amiddle distance runner & winning a 400m race in 77.47 I brought home a
    total of five gold medals from Malaga. also 2022 in Finland was ace, I ran two world Records
    800m & 5000m .so many amazing memories of people & racing.
    2023 I’m looking forward to another fun year, with my local running club its great we have
    Kiddies from 8 to 90 & plenty of masters competition’s throughout the year.
    I am also excited about the coming Europeans in Pescara, & hope to be fully fit by then.
    A book by Richard Askwith, which I am featured in, title” The Race Against Time “ really as
    brought it home to me, how fast time is running out. I have read the book twice & it as helped
    me realise I have no time to waste, my weeks are planned I want to achieve so much.
    I would like to wish all athlete’s a healthy & active 2023, & to see you All in Pescara.