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Best Master 2022 – Interview with Francesco D’Agostino

    I am originally from the province of Reggio Calabria (Italy), and since 2004 I moved to the province of Brescia in Ghedi where I am still a resident, I am married and I have two children who have also
    practiced athletics with good results. I resumed athletics at the age of 40, I had done it
    up to the age of 17 with good results.
    I work in a metalworking company and I drive a forklift in three shifts.
    2022 was a fantastic year for me, in Braga I won the title in the 400m and 800m and in
    the 800m I broke the M55 indoor world record, in Italy I have 4 best performances in
    the M55 category.
    Although I believe that technically the best times were 54″24 in Braga in the 400m and
    1’10″31 in the 500m.
    Every year for us masters and a new adventure, I hope to be able to repeat 2022 for
    performance, and feel good and have fun with athletics as a true enthusiast.
    Many tell me you can also stop competing because you have won a lot, but that is not
    the case as I am a born sportsman and I do it with passion, even if I am not in great
    shape I still put myself on the line, and I like the competition .