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BRAGA opened the registration

    In a very short preparation time EMACI 2020 in Braga is ready to welcome the European Masters.
    We had to change the time table from Madrid and Toroun to make sure the events fit into the arena and the outdoor venues.
    Our next step will be the preparation of the TECHNICAL MANUAL.  We hope to present it in December.
    If there are any questions to help you entering the system, please let us know so we are able to coordinate it with the LOC and SIGMA.
    Athletes might look for the track in the indoor arena – there is not. The track will be prepared in January and finished in the first week of February – Braga has its experience for years.
    Just some short information about the destination. 

    You have to fly to Porto Airport. A shuttle bus takes you to the city but car rental is an option as well. BRAGA is the 3rd biggest city jn Portugal, locales ca. 300km north of Lisbon. Prices are very low. You will not have to stress your budget. BRAGA is a city of culture and history. Take your time in March, the weather can  be excellent.

    On behalf of the city of BRAGA, the LOC of EMACI2020, and EMA Council we like to welcome you

    Kurt Kaschke

    EMA President 

    The Web page for EMACI 2020 is updated [# EMACI].

    Registration is open and the schedule is available.

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