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    Four top Masters athletes defied the virus pandemic in September with (pending) world records: The two 90-year-old Lenore Montgomery (CAN, 1500m, 12:34.67) and Melitta Czerwenka-Nagel (GER, 400m 2:16.19, 800m 5:01.35), the 50-year-old Julia Machin (GBR, high jump, 1.66 m) and Edlund Östen (SWE, M85, Throw Pentahlon, 5460).

    A virtual competition for world records from 400m to 1500m is about to begin between the 90-year-old Canadian Lenore Montgomery and the German Melitta Czerwenka of the same age. This competition can be looked forward to with great anticipation. It is hoped that the two will find competitions offers despite the Covid pandemic.


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