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Catania (Ita), 2 june 2024

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The international event will take place on Sunday 2 June, at the “Campo Scuola di Picanello”
athletics field in Via Grasso Finocchiaro in Catania – Italy


● for athletes registered in Italy through the ONLINE procedure (Fidal), by midnight on
● for athletes registered abroad, registrations must be sent to the email address e/o, with indication of the best seasonal
technical performance

Technical Program Master Category

Women : 100m, 400m, 800, 1500m, 5000m, short hurdles (80hs/100hs), hight jump, long jump,
shot put, hammer throw, Javelin, walk 5000m, relay 4×100, relay 4×400

Men : 100m, 400m, 800, 1500m, 5000m, short hurdles (80hs/100hs/110hs), Hight jump, long
jump, shot put, hammer throw, javelin, walk 5000 m, relay 4×100, relay 4×400


Organizational technical contact Gianfranco Belluomo +39 348 9628608


Useful information

Contacts: Gianfranco Belluomo: +39 348/9628608 (organizational manager)

Competition field

Athletic field “Campo Scuola di Picanello” in Via Grasso Finocchiaro in Catania – Italy

Logistical notes:

  • Catania international airport (CTA) from the airport in 10 minutes to the athletics field by taxi costing 20 euros, by bus get off at Catania station and take the metro, 4 and/or 6 euros.
  • Catania station for the athletics field in Picanello take the metro or bus line 241.
  • By car from the airport to the athletics field it is 9 km away and takes about 10/15 minutes.

If you come from the Messina Catania motorway, exit Catania Certro, via Vincenzo Giuffrida, turn left towards Piazza Michelangelo and follow to go to Via Grasso Finocchiaro where the athletics field is located.

For those who use the partner hotel, the free shuttle from the airport to the hotel and vice versa will be available.

And the shuttle from the hotel to the athletics field at a cost of 5 euros each way per person

Affiliated hotels: Air airport – Hotel 4 Stars Agency contacts: Mrs. Claudia telephone: +39 388 0950689 e-mail:

  • single room 75 euros including breakfast.
  • double room 100 euros including breakfast – triple room 120 euros including breakfast – quadruple room 140 euros including breakfast.

Convivial and sports tourism services – final dinner on June 2nd, including an evening of dancing at a cost of 25 euros, in the partner hotel, to celebrate the day of sport together in joy.

for Saturday 1 June and/or 03 June visit “Catania Tour”

  • Guided tour with Gianni Sineri among traditions, legends, and secrets of the city ofCatania, cost of 5 euros per person.
  • One-hour Conference and Puppet Theatre Show in a puppeteer’s workshop, cost of 10 euros per person