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Celebrating Masters Athletics Excellence 2020

    Rainbow 2020 s

    Posted in 31 December 2020 by Alfred Hermes

    The year 2020, due to the Corona pandemic, was marked by cancellations of events ranging from local fun runs to international competitions. For this reason, the 2020 Masters Athletics EMA Awards will not be awarded. However, I would like to take this opportunity to share some of the success stories of European Masters Athletics.


    The absolute success stories undoubtedly include the championships in Madeira and the preparation supported by EMA through virtual comparison competitions. EMMTRC and EMACMA Madeira 2020 were the only international masters championships this year. The competitions fulfilled the longing for encounters and exchanges and became a highlight of European Masters Athletics in 2020. No one was infected with Covid 19. My respect goes to the courageous and responsible decision to hold the competitions in a safe place. The athletes were able to compete in beautiful surroundings under the protection of strict precautionary measures.

    The great success of EMAC, the discipline of the athletes and the excellent performances encourage us to plan mountain running championships also for 2021. They are planned to take place in Valtramontina/Italy from 27th–30th of May.


    In 2020, up to Auguste 20, we have registered 22 European Indoor Records and 13 of the records also are World Indoor Records [#]. The final record list for 2020 will be published soon.

    Private Responsible Dealing with the Pandemic

    For me as EMA Media Manager, the reports of the 2019 honourees in dealing with the pandemic were also among the moving highlights. The reports once again made clear how much athletics and the national and international championships strengthen the feeling of togetherness of a worldwide sports family.

    Donald Brown (GBR) summed up the situation in an exemplary way: “Dramatic changes have occurred that continue to impact our lives. I suggest that we consider it necessary to change our approach and venture into the realm of creative thinking. This will enable us to adapt and determine our new reality and normality that will, in turn, help us to secure our ultimate survival, hence my quote: ‘Change Our Reality Of Normality And Venture Into Recreating Ultimate Survival’ For me, 2020 will be a year when I downgrade my training but stay in shape and allow my body to rejuvenate.”