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Closing Ceremony and 4x400m Relays

    20170806 162007 rThe finish line of the 1/2 Marathon was just cleared when the teams of the Physios, the Team Leaders, the Coffee Ladies, the EMA New Council, the Volunteers, the SIGMA Team, the LOC Team, and the Venice EMACS2019 Team run in a X x 400m Friendship relay – the were cheered by the athletes.

    The flag of EMA and the Baton of Teamwork was passed from the LOC  of Aarhus to its Mayors and handed over to EMA President Kurt Kaschke. He thanked the whole organisation team and the athletes as well. More than 30 European Records and 13 World Records could be listed.
    The flag and the baton was given to the Mayors of Caorle who welcomed all athletes to Venice to take part in one of the most beautiful places in Italy.