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Covid 19 part 3

    Coping with the C O R O N A V I R U S – Wolfgang Ritte keeps himself fit at home and in the immediate vicinity


    2019, Best Masters Award: Kurt Kaschke (EMA President) , Eva Trost, Wolfgang Ritte, Margit Jungmann (WMA President). Photo by A.H

    World (WBM) and European (EBM) best Masters athletes give insights into their personal handling of the covid-19 pandemic.

    Wolfgang Ritte (M65) GER – Men’s #1 Jumps EBM 2018 & 2019: The coronavirus is a danger to all mankind. The UN Secretary General Guterres rightly calls it “a health threat such as we have never known.” My family takes this threat very seriously, avoids social contacts as much as possible and follows the hygienic instructions. It is necessary to give up our beloved sport in public for a certain period of time and look for alternatives in order not to endanger our health and that of others.



    VIDEO of Wolfgang’s alternative training in his own garden