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Covid 19 part 5

    Coping with the C O R O N A V I R U S – Anne Gilshinan’s main focus at present is to protect herself and her family from the virus

    P0 1500mPhoto by A.H:         Anne Gilshinan (in the centre with green tricot), WMACS Málaga (ESP) 2018, 1.500m

    World (WBM) and European (EBM) best Masters athletes give insights into their personal handling of the covid-19 pandemic.

    Anne Gilshinan (W55) IRL – Women’s #1 Middle Distance WMB & EMB: „My main focus at present is to protect myself and my family from the virus. .. I have pulled back from the high intensity workouts at present but I continue to train. ..My ambition at present is to keep up a good level of fitness and be ready to get back into race condition within a short period of time when this virus passes.“