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Dutch Women’s High Jump Power

    Rietje Dijkman (W80) and Weia Reinboud (W70) with World Records

    Dijkman Reinboud

    Dutch High Jump World Records 2021

    W70 Weia Reinboud NED 1,34 (Hengelo, 18.09.2021)

    W80 Rietje Dijkman NED 1,18 (Hilversum, 31.10.2021)

    Rietje Dijkman of GAC Hilversum broke her own world record in the women’s high jump W80 in Hilversum on 31 October. She improved her personal W80 best from 1.16m to 1.18m.

    Rietje Dijkman celebrated her first W80 high jump world record of 1.16m together with Weia Reinboud (W70, Hellas Utrecht) at the Dutch Masters Athletics Championships (NK Masters 2021) in Hengelo on 18 September. Weia Reinboud jumped 1.34m at that time to improve her own world record by 1 cm from the previous month (Utrecht, 6. 8. 2021).