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EMA Best Master 2023 – Interview with Joaquim Figueiredo, the art of the long run 

    Competing in the 55 masters Joaquim won numerous national, European and world titles. He also achieved the world’s best record in the half marathon, in Valencia, Spain.
    This recognition reflects a successful career cementing his place as one of the most outstanding athletes in his category. Here are his words

    How did you begin your athletic career and what inspired you to continue as a masters athlete? I started my career in 1981 until 1989, I stayed with my father and helped my brother in training, in 1989 I suffered a serious misfortune that prevented me from participating in all competitions. In 2016 I shared my opinion with the author of the master.

    Have athletes influenced your life off the field as well? Yes, they influenced.

    What does it mean to you to be a role model and source of inspiration for other masters athletes? I sit proudly saying this is an inspiration to other athletes for my dedication and commitment, working to achieve success.

    What were the most memorable moments of your sporting career? The most memorable moments of my career were winning Junior Cross Nationals, reaching the Junior World Championships, being present at several Junior Cross and Track World Championships. As a Master he won the European Championships, the World Cup and set the world record in his second marathon.

    How has your experience with athletes influenced your perspective on overall health and well-being? Yes, my quality of life is better in terms of health and well-being.

    Do you have any specific rituals or practices you follow before competitions to ensure the best performance? No, I just do a normal workout.

    Looking back, What do you think was the biggest learning you took from athletics and how have you applied it to your daily life? My first great athletic learning experience is always a goal to be achieved, without effort, dedication and discipline, you can’t achive goals.