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EMA Best Master Award 2023: Celebrating Sports Excellence

    The enthusiasm, dedication and passion of athletics know no age limits. This is why every year the EMA world comes together to celebrate the extraordinary successes of Master athletes, those who demonstrate that determination and commitment can overcome all barriers of time and the annual awards event for the Best Master Athletes is a special occasion to honor the the entire world of the Masters through them.
    Every Master athlete has a unique story to tell. The challenges overcome, the obstacles faced and the victories achieved offer inspiration and encouragement to all sports enthusiasts, young and old and in the next few days we will tell you about some of their experiences
    This is why EMA is proud to communicate the results of the voting, according to the established criteria, which declared the following athletes winners

    Overall Women – Evaun Williams W85 – GB&N.I.

    Overall Men – Joaquim Figueiredo M55 – POR

    Special Award: Senni Sopanen – W95 – FIN

    These are the overall winners, while the names of the winners of the various specialties will be published in the next few days. Stay tuned

    The award ceremonies will take place based on the presence and availability of the athletes, in:
    Torun, 16th of March 2024
    Machico, 9th of May 2024
    Porto Santo, 16 of May 2024