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EMA Best Master Award 2023: The Relays

    Relays between master athletes are much more than a simple competition, they are a journey through shared emotions. These are races where the track becomes a common stage and the baton passes from hand to hand like a precious memory, with the heart beating fast, and becomes the fulcrum of an exhilarating symphony. The tension can be felt in the air as the arriving athlete hurries to hand over the baton, conveying not just an object, but an intense bond between those who receive it and those who entrust it. It is an instant full of hope and trust, where emotion merges with strategy and everything becomes a compelling celebration of life, passion and resilience.

    Relay Women – 4×100 W50 ITAAgnese Claudia Rossi, Cristina Sanulli, Michela
    Borscia, Denise Caroline Neumann: the determination that adds to the beauty of a sweet smile
    Relay Men – 4×200 M70 GB&N.I. – Walwyn Franklin, David Hinds, Adrian Essex,
    Simon Barrett:
    strength desire will to give the best
    Relay Mix – 4×400 cat.60 GER – Wolfgang Schmidt, Christiane Contag, Ted Spitzer,
    Brigitte Heidrich
    : the joy after total commitment