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EMA BEST MASTERS AWARDS 2018 Category Long Distance

    Long Distance 2018

    EMA best masters awards 2018: Categorie long distance

    Angela Copson set three W70 world records in 3.000 m, 800m (indoor), 1500m (indoor) and a European record in 10km road race. She won in 2018 seven times goldmedails in international championships, three at the WMAC in Málaga ( 5.000m, 10 km, country cross) and four at the EMACI in Madrid (800m, 1500m, 3000m, country cross).

    Bernardino Pacheco Pereira was World Champion at the World Masters Athletic Championships in Malaga in 5.000m, half marathon und country cross.

    Angela Copson (W70, GBR)

    World and European records in 2018

    3000m (12:13.12) – World Record – Solihull/GBR

    800m (indoor, 2:58.03) – World Record – London/GBR

    1500m (indoor, 5:49.12) – World Record – London/GBR

    10km road run (44:19) –  European Record – London/GBR


    World and European Champion in 2018

    5.000m, 10 km, country cross) – World         Champion in Málaga (WMAC)

    800m, 1500m, 3000m, country cross – European Champion in Madid (EMACI)


    Angela Copson had been voted the winner of the Women’s 2017 Long Distance Award and was overall runner up in the Women’s WMA Master Athlete of 2017. At that time, EMA Council wished Angela Copson another great year of athletic competition. And, she had a great year of athletics competition in 2018. She complemented her four world records from 2017 in 800m (2: 51.49), 1500m (5:46.9), 5000m (20: 56.13), 10000m (44: 25.14) with three other world records in 3000m, 800m (indoor) and 1500m. “ANGELA, THE SUPER FIT SUPER_AGER” chose Alison Robert as a headline in Daily Mail on August 25, 2018, to honor Angela’s great sporting achievements.


    Bernardino Pereira (M80, POR)

    World Champion in 2018

    5000m (22:34.49) – World Champion in Malaga

    Half Marathon (1:46.17) – World Champion in Malaga

    6km Cross Country (28:14) – World Champion in Malaga


    In Malaga, Bernardino Pereira won the 1000th medal for Portugal in international athletics competitions. For this reason, National Veterinary Athletics Association (ANAV) reported, he received an invitation to an athletics meeting in Madeira, including free accommodation. In the evening he was invited to enjoy the “Madeira Night” with typical gastronomy and the famous nightlife of Madeira.