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EMA BEST MASTERS AWARDS 2018 Category Middle Distances

    Middle Distance 2018
    Eva Trost
    set two W50 world records in 800 m and 800 m indoor, one European record in 4x400m (GER, W45). She became World Champion three times.

    Joe Gough, world record holder M60 (indoor, 800m), won the 800 meters at the World Masters Athletic Championships in Malaga in what was a new European record time and the 1500m meters. At the EMACI in Madrid he won gold at the same distances.

    Eva Trost (W50, GER)

    International records in 2018

    800m (2:12.50)         – World Record – Neustadt/GER

    800m (indoor, 2:16.73) – World Record – Munich/GER

    4x400m (W45) 4.05.96 –   European Record – GER/W45 (Bergener,Drewes,Trost,Schilling)  – Malaga/ESP

    World Champion in 2018

    Outdoor: 800m (2:18.25),         1500m (4:38.80) and 4x400m (GER, W45) – World Champion in         Malaga


    During her run on 5.8.2018 Eva Trost reached the finish in the time of 4:35.79 and believed to have set a new world record. In December 2018, WMA published a corrected world ranking in which Nicole Weijling-Dissel (NED) was awarded the world record time of 4:35.40, which she ran in Utrecht on June 11, 2017. Only a breath separated Eva Trost from the the then unpublished 1500m world record W50.

    Joe Gough (M65, IRE)

    International record in 2018

    800m (2:16.37) –  European Record – Malaga

    World Champion and European Champion in 2018

    Indoor: 800m         (2:22.36 ), 1500m (5:05.16) – European Champion in Madrid

    Outdoor: 800m (2:16.37, ER), 1500m (4:49.63) – World Champion in Malaga


    As early as 2016, Joe Gough was one of the fastest M60-800m runners in the world. Therefore, he was invited to the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Portland, Oregon, for the (world best) men’s over-60 800 meters. The then 63-year-old Joe Gough from Ireland entered the final straightaway with a narrow lead over Great Britain’s David Wilcox. Gough’s finishing kick ultimately fell a few meters short, as his legs gave out before the finish line. Wilcox won the race in a time of 2:15.90. Gough finished second in 2:16.01.