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EMA BEST MASTERS AWARDS 2018 Category Sprint

    EMA best masters awards 2018, categorie „Sprint“: Jane Horder and
    Stephen Peters

    Jane Horder (W60) set three world records and won six gold medals at international championships. Her world record series began in February with 60m hurdles in Loughborough (UK) and reached its highlights in the European and World Championships with two relay world records. Jane Horder‘s gold line 2018: 60m hurdles (MR), 4x200m/W60/ GBR (WR) in Madrid (EMACI) and 80m hurdles, 300m hurdles, 4x100m/W60/GBR, 4x400m/W60/GBR (WR) in Málaga (WMAC).

    Stephen Peters (M65) was World Champion at the World Masters Athletic Championships in Málaga in 100m, 200m und 400m. He marked a European record in the 200m, which was also record noted in WMA Championships.

    EMA Best Masters Awards 2018




    Jane Horder (W60, Great Britain and N. Ireland)

    World Records in 2018

    60m hurdles indoor (9.80) –  world record – Lough Borough, GBR  

    4x200m indoor (GBR, 2:00.37) – world record – Madrid, ESP

    4x400m (GBR, 4:41.85) – world record – Málaga, ESP


    World and European Champion in 2018

    60m hurdles (9.89 MR), 4x200m (W60, GBR, 2:00.37 WR) – European Champion in Madrid (EMACI)

    80m hurdles (13.15), 300m hurdles (52.04, ), 4x100m (W60, GBR, 55.98), 4x400m (W60, GBR, 4:41.85 WR) – World Champion in Málaga (WMAC)


    Jane Horder currently holds the W60 world records for 60m hurdles (indoor), 80m hurdles and 300m hurdles. Britain’s W60 4 x 200m team of Helen Godsell, Carole Filer, Jane Horder and Caroline Powell broke their own world record (2.02.39) set in Torun two years ago, clocking 2.00.37sec. Her 4x400m world record W60/GBR Jane Horder won with Hilary West, Helen Godsell and Caroline Powell and improved the world record of the British W60 team Godsell-Roe-Horder-Powell, in which she herself was involved.

    Stephen Peters (M65, Great Britain and N. Ireland)

    European record in 2018

    200m (24.84) –  European Record in Málaga (ESP) and record noted in WMA Championships

    Medals at WMAC in Málaga 2018

    100m (12.56) –  Gold – World Champion              

    200m (24.84 ) – Gold – World Champion

    400m (59.09) – Gold – World Champion

    4x100m M65/GBR (51.63) – Silver (Adrian Essex, Simon Barrett, Walwyn Franklyn, Stephen Peters)

    4x400m M65/GBR (4:30.42) – Bronze (Walwyn Franklyn, Simon Barrett, Adrian Essex, Stephen Peters)


    Bridget Cushen (BMAF) published on July 12, 2018: „Stephen Peters blazed to a M65 European 200m Record in an amazing 25.14sec at the Inter-Area Challenge in Solihull on Sunday. This was no easy record; the previous time of 25.45 had stood for fourteen years to the great German Guideo Müller at the European Masters Championships in Aarhus in 2004.“

    In Málaga World Champion Stephen Peters improved his own European record in 200m again. He missed the world record of Charles Allie from the United States by just 0.19 seconds.