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EMA BEST MASTERS AWARDS 2018 Category Throws


    EMA best masters awards 2018: Categorie THROWS

    Both athletes, Evaun Williams and Norbert Demmel, saw the World Masters Championships in Málaga as their highlight of 2018 and were extremely successful.

    Evaun Williams broke four W80 world records at the World Masters Athletic Championships in Málaga: Shot put, hammer, javelin and weight throw.

    Norbert Demmel improved the world record in Throw Pentathlon in Málaga well beyond the 5000 points mark and was three times world champion and once vice-world champion. Gold: penthatlon, discus, weight throw. Silver: shot put.


    Evaun William (W80, GBR)

    World records in 2018

    Shot put (10,07) – World Record – Málaga /ESP

    Hammer (37.85) – World Record – Málaga /ESP

    Javelin (26.06) – World Record – Málaga /ESP

    Weight Throw (12.68) – World Record – Málaga /ESP

    World Champion in 2018

    In Málaga at WMAC Evaun William won four World titles: shot put, hammer throwing, javelin throwing, throwing weight.


    Evaun Williams‘ major highlight in 2018 was the world meet in Málaga where she took every of her four golds in a world record. She is also the holder of six world Age Group records below W80: Shot put W70 indoor, hammer W70 and W75, javelin W75, weight throw W55 and W70.

    Norbert Demmel (M55, GER)

    World and European records in 2018

    Throw-Pentathlon (5.103) – World           record – Málaga


    World Champion in 2018

    Throw-Pentathlon (5.103) – World Champion in Málaga

    Discus (53.27) – World Champion in Málaga

    Weight throw (19.21) – World Champion in Málaga


    The gold medals of Norbert Demmel in Málaga in the discus and weight throw and his silver in the shot put already indicated a best performance in the throw pentathlon. And so it came to an extraordinary M55 world record with 5.103 points, almost 1000 points more than the second.

    Norbert Demmel had already set a world record in in Zella Mehlis at the German Championships 2018 with 4.938 points. At WMAC 2018 was followed by a renewed increase of 165 points with the first time exceeding the 5000 points mark.