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EMA BEST MASTERS AWARDS 2019 Category Combined Events


    Rosa Escribano( EMAC 2019, Jesolo), Rolf Geese (Stendal GER 2019) – © A.H

    EMA BEST MASTERS AWARDS 2019 – Category Combined Events

    Rosa Escribano (W60, ESP) and Rolf Geese (M75, GER)

    The photos show Rosa Escribano at 80m Hs in Jesolo and Rolf Geese in his first decathlon discipline in Stendal, which ended with a world record. Both of them improved several world records in 2019, at WMACI 2019 in Torun in the pentathlon even at the same time.

    Rosa Escribano still holds current world records in various categories (long jump, pentathlon, heptathlon). The athlete from Playas de Castellón is an example of how to overcome life-threatening diseases (tuberculosis and chronic anaemia) and return to top-level sport. In an interview of “” [# cope] she said in reference to records that she would find her highest satisfaction in doing athletics. At the WMACi 2019 in Toruń she set two world records and became world champion three times.

    Rolf Geese , 16-time decathlon world champion, added in 2019 two more records (M75 pentathlon indoor, M75 decathlon) to his list of existing world records in combined events over a period of 20 years. The former lecturer at the Institute for Sports Science at the University of Göttingen wrote in his biography ( „Performance-oriented sport is also a source of enjoyment by itself, as nothing is more authentic than the performance which one has achieved by oneself, which is entirely based upon one´s own efforts, which demands self-discipline and for which oneself is responsible.“

    Rosa Escribano (W60, ESP)

    (Maria Rosa Escribano Checa)

      W60 World Records in 2019

        Long Jump (4.58) WMACi Toruń/POL World Record (indoor)

        Pentathlon (4648) WMACi Toruń/POL World Record (indoor)

        Pentathlon (4714) Tarragona/ESP World Record

       Heptathlon (6255) Cambrils/ESP World Record

      W60 World Champion WMACI 2019 Toruń

       Long Jump (4.58, WR)

       Pentathlon (4648, WR)

       Triple Jump (9.77)

     W60 European Vice Champion EMAC 2019 Venice

        Silver 80m Hs (13.85) Jesolo

        Silver long jump (4.47) Caorle

        Silver triple jump (9.83) Caorle

    Rolf Geese (M75, GER)

      M75 World/European Records in 2019

       Pentathlon (4443) WMACi Toruń/POL indoor World Record

       60m Hurdles (10.54) WMACi Toruń/POL indoor European Record

       Decathlon (8538) Stendal/GER World Record

     M75 World Champion WMACi 2019 Toruń

       60m Hurdles (10.54, European R)

       4x200m Relay M75 GER (2:10.42)

       Pentathlon (4443, World R)

    Rosa Escribano (80m HS EMAC Jesolo, ©A.H), Rolf Geese (Stendal, © A.H)

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