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    The photographs (© A.H and R. Dijkman) show Wolfgang Ritte
    and Rietje Dijkman at the award ceremonies in Jesolo, EMAC Venice 2019.

    EMA BEST MASTERS AWARDS 2019 in the category „Jumps“

    Rietje Dijkman (W80, NED) and Wolfgang Ritte (M65, GER)

    Both awarded 2019 European Master‘s Athletes of the Year for Jumps are highly decorated versatile athletes.        

    Rietje Dijkman was awarded the first „European Best Female Veteran of the Year“ in 2005. Today, 14 years later, she is still one of the female best track and field athletes in her age group. The triple W75 European record holder (high jump indoor and outdoor, triple jump) Rietje Dijkman set three world records (400m, triple jump, long jump) and one European record (100m) at EMAC / Venice 2019.

    Wolfgang Ritte receives the EMA award in the category “Jump” for the second time in a row. He dominated the pole vault competition in his age group nationally and internationally like no other. Wolfgang Ritte set the corresponding W65 pole vault world records already in 2018. For 20 years Ritte has been one of the best pole vaulters in his age groups and holds three European records (M45 4.77 indoor, M50 4.73 , M55 4.51 indoor) and five world records (M55 4.60, M60 4.16 indoor, M60 4.32, M65 396 indoor, M65 4.05).

    Rietje Dijkman (W80, NED)

    W80 World/European Records and European at EMAC 2019 Caorle

    400m (1:29.84) World Record

    Triple Jump (7.37) World Record

    Long Jump (3.45) World Record

    100m (17.56) European Record

    Wolfgang Ritte (M65, GER)

    M65 World Champion WMACI 2019 Torun

           Pole Vault (3.35)

    M65 European Champion EMAC 2019 Venice

    100m Hs (16.34)

    Pole Vault (3.65)

    Wolfgang Ritte (100m Hs, Jesolo, ©A.H), Rietje Dijkman (Jesolo, © R.D.) EMAC 2019
    jump 2