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EMA BEST MASTERS AWARDS 2019 Category Middle Distance


    Anne Gilshinan (W55, IRL) and Joe Gough (M65, IRL)

    Two Irish won EMA BEST MASTERS AWARDS 2019 in the category „Middle Distance“

    Anne Gilshinan set a new world record (WR) in 2019 at 1500 und lowered her own W55 WR once more, clocking 4:41.46. At IMC Meet in June she set a W55 800m world record, clocking 2:19.63 as she lowered the listed WR of Australian Jeanette Flynn by more than 2 seconds. In Dublin Anne set a W55 1mile WR (5:08,47). She improved three word records within a month. At the WMACI 2019 in Toruń (Pol), one week before she turned 55, Anne won the silver medal in 1500m (4:50.17).

    Joe Gough, current M65 800m record holder (ER indoor, WR outdoor),

    The Irishman Joe Gough, since 2018 M65 800m world record holder (2:16.37), dominated the competition in 2019 in the 800m and 1500m both at the WMACI in Toruń (Pol) and at the EMAC in Veneto (ITA). It may come as no surprise that the winner of the EMA Master’s 2018 Middle Distance Award Joe Gough has been voted again.

    Anne Gilshinan (W50/W55, IRL)

    W55 world records in 2019

    800m (2:19.63) Leixlip Kildare, IRL WR                               

    1500m (4:41.46) Belfast, IRE WR

    1 mile (5:08.47) Dublin, IRE

    W50 Vice World Champion

    1500m (4:50.17) Toruń, Pol, WMACI 2019

    Joe Gough (M65, IRL)

    World and European Champion in 2019


    800m (2:22.06) – World Champion WMACI Toruń POL

    1500m (4:51.39) – World Champion WMACI Toruń POL


    800m (2:20.73) – European Champion EMAC Jesolo ITA

    1500m (4:54.14) – European Champion Jesolo ITA

    Anne Gilshinan (800m WR) and Joe Gough (EMA BEST MASTER’s AWARD 2018) A.H

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