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EMA BEST MASTERS AWARDS 2019 Category Sprint


    Riet Jonkers-Slegers and Donald Brown – 2019 EMA Best Masters Award Winners Categorie Sprint

    The Dutch woman Riet Jonkers-Sleger was selected by EMA Commitee due to five W75 world records (80mH, 800m, hepathlon, indoor: pentathlon, 60mH) and four European records (400, 300mH, indoor: 200m , 800m) in 2019. At WMACI in Toruń she won two gold medals (400m, pentathlon/WR) and one silver medal (60m). In the 60m hurdle race in the pentathlon at WMACI Riet achieved exactly the world record she already held.

    In 2019, Donald Brown (M55, GBR) became World Champion once (60mH) and European Champion three times (100m, 200m, 100mH). Furthermore as the final runner he led the 4 x 100m relay of GBR to a the silver medal at EMAC and won the bronze medal in the 60m race at WMACI.

    Riet Jonkers-Slegers (W75, NED)

    W75 world records and European records in 2019

    Heptathlon (6870e) Stendal,GER World Record

    80m Hurdles (17.24 +0.5) Dilbeek,BEL World record

    800m (3:11.74) Best,NED World Record

    400m (1:21.10) Gouda, NED European Record                                                                                               

    300m Hurdles (41.54 +0.1) Gouda,NED European Record


    Pentathlon (4987e) Toruń,POL (WMACI) World Record

    60m Hurdles (13.17) Utrecht,NED & Toruń,POL World Record

    200m (35.78) Gent,BEL European Record

    800m (3:18.55) Gent,NED European Record

    World Champion and medals at 2019 WMACI Toruń

    Gold: 400m (1:24.16) World Champion

    Gold: Pentathlon (4987e, WR) World Champion

    Silver: 60m (10.55)


    Donald Brown (M55, GBR)

    World and European Champion in 2019

    60m Hurdles (9.02) – World Champion WMACI Torun

    100m (12.13) – European Champion EMAC Venice

    200m (24.06)         – European Champion EMAC Venice

    100m Hurdles (14.62) – European Champion EMAC Venice

    Donald Brown supplemented his gold medal collection with silver as the final runner of the M50 4x100m relay (49.50) of GBR at EMAC and with the bronze medal in the 60 m (7.60) at WMACI. The particpants of the M55 relay were Logan Pat – Hunter Ronnie – Reddington Glen – Brown Donald.

    Both Riet Jonkers-Slegers and Donald Brown are hurdle specialists