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EMA BEST MASTERS AWARDS 2019 Category Throws


    The photographs (© Castagnoli organizzatori) show Carmelo Rado at EMAC/Venice
    and Evaun Williams (© A.H)         at WMAC/Torun 2019

    EMA BEST MASTERS AWARDS 2019 -Category Throws

    Evaun Williams (W80, GBR) and Carmelo Rado (M85, ITA)

    Both are top athletes in several throwing disciplines and are multiple world and European record holders in different age groups.

    Evaun Williams currently holds 11 world records, the oldest in weight throw W55 from 1994 in Athens. At the WMACi 2019 in Toruń alone she set two world records (javelin, weight). She has already been awarded 2018 European Master‘s Female Athlete of the Year for Throws. This year she was also revealed as EMA Female Best Masters “Overall”. Evaun was triple World Champion in Toruń (hammer, javelin, weight) and five times European Champion at EMAC 2019 in Venice (throwing pentathlon, shot put, hammer, javelin, discus).

    Carmelo Rado improved his own M85 discus world record within the throwing pentathlon at EMAC 2019 in Veneto. He currently holds the world records in discus throw in the age groups M70 (55.27), M75 (49.21), M85 ( 35.92 ), in the weight throw M80 (19.91), M85 (16.65) and in the hammer throw M85 (38.93). Rado became European champion 2019 in discus throw, weight throw, hammer throw and throwing pentathlon.

    Evaun Williams (W80, GBR)

    W80 World Records (WRs) at WMACi 2019 Toruń

    Javelin Throw (27.51) World Record

    Weight Throw (12.75) World Record

    W80 World Champion WMACI 2019 Toruń

    Hammer Throw (33.22)

    Javelin Throw (27.51, WR)

    Weight Throw (12.75, WR)

    W80 European Champion EMAC 2019 Venice

    Throwing Pentathlon (5568) Jesolo     

    Shot Put (9.53) Jesolo (Williams‘ WR 2018: 10.07)

    Discus Throw (23.80) Eraclea

    Javelin Throw (26.64) Caorle (Williams‘ WR 2018: 27.51)

    Hammer Throw (36.88) Caorle (Williams‘ WR 2018: 37.85 )

    Carmelo Rado (M85, ITA)

    W85 World Record at EMAC 2019 Venice

    Discus Throw (35.92, TP Discus) – Caorle,ITA

    M85 European Champion EMAC 2019 Venice

    Discus Throw (34.53)   WR holder

    Weight Throw (14.78) ER holder

    Hammer Throw (33.27) WR holder

    Throwing Pentathlon (5193)

    Evaun Williams (100m Hs, Jesolo, ©A.H), Carmelo Rado (Jesolo, © Franz Kastenberger) EMAC 2019

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