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EMA Master Meetings Circuit – Fifth event: Bellinzona (CH) 21 September 2024

    While waiting for the fourth event, today we present to you the fifth and last of this fascinating journey that will take us around Europe: Bellinzona which is the Beating Heart of Athletics in Switzerland. Bellinzona, the capital of the Canton of Ticino, is home to three of the best preserved Swiss medieval fortresses, symbol of military architectural art developed in the Middle Ages in the Alpine arc. The strategic position in which it is located makes Bellinzona the gateway to numerous Alpine passes, such as the San Bernardino Pass and the San Gottardo Pass. For these reasons the city has been, since the ancient Romans, an important crossroads for trade and a defensive and military center. A visit to the center of Bellinzona is a unique experience, because the city has the ability to take its visitors back in time: visiting its castles it will seem like having gone back to the Middle Ages, while walking through the streets of its historic center you can breathe in the Lombard culture that has long influenced the city. Bellinzona is not only a city rich in history and culture, but is also a lively center for athletics lovers. With its state-of-the-art sports facilities and its commitment to promoting sport, has earned a prominent place in the national and international athletic scene.

    The Event Stage

    It is at the Municipal Stadium of Bellinzona, the beating heart of athletics in Switzerland, with a capacity of over 5,000 spectators, that numerous sporting events are hosted throughout the year, including athletics competitions,
    football matches and other cultural and musical events.

    GOLDEN GALA PIETRO MENNEAGolden: One of the most prestigious events in the world athletics calendar, the Golden Gala Pietro Mennea, stops in Bellinzona every year. Internationally renowned athletes compete in a series of breathtaking races, attracting fans from all over the world to witness this unparalleled sporting spectacle.

    MEETING CITTA DI BELLINZONA: In addition to the Golden Gala, Bellinzona also hosts the City of Bellinzona Meeting, an event that offers athletes of all ages and levels the opportunity to compete in a range of athletic disciplines.
    With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, this meeting promotes sporting spirit and inclusion, making it an unmissable event for lovers of athletics.

    It is here that the 24th edition of the “International Master City of Bellinzona Meeting” will be held on September 21st, the result of the great passion of the SAB managers. Società Atletica Bellinzona, a well-tested and perfectly organized master event, which this year becomes part of our Circuit. So thanks and see you soon.