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    Dear master friends
    It is with great pleasure that EMA shares with you this new initiative which has been called EMA MEETING MASTERS CIRCUIT – Zero Edition.
    With this meeting initiative in Europe, we have tried to give the European Masters a series of exciting competitions, moments of great sportsmanship and the celebration of dedication and passion for our favorite sport. Whether you are an athlete ready to compete or an enthusiastic spectator, these competitions offer something for everyone, further cementing Masters Athletics’ role as an important part of the European sporting landscape.
    The edition as you read in the text is precisely its Zero edition and has required considerable commitment from the entire EMA and we are aware that there will be points to improve but we ask you to forgive the sins of youth.
    These are five competitions that will take place across Europe starting from the end of May and ending in September and in the next few days we will provide you with more detailed descriptions of the locations and competitions that will be held.
    A ranking will be drawn up and the first three athletes, men and women, who will have the best score, calculated according to the 2023 Age-Factor tables, in at least two races in two different meetings will be rewarded. For this I refer you to the regulation.
    All of us at EMA are available and you can ask questions and opinions for the best outcome of this event.
    Good luck to everyone.


    “EMA is pleased to invite all the Masters Athletes of Europe to participate in the “zero” edition of the Permit Masters Meetings Circuit which will take place, for this year, in five events as follow:

    1) Speed Masters Athletics Challange – Shkodra (Albania) -23/26th May 2024

    2) Meeting ”On the slopes of Etna” – Catania (Italy) – 02th June 2024

    3) Master Meeting – Masters Grand Prix Outdoor – Sheffield (England) – 13th July 2024

    4) EMA Throwing Cup International Meeting – Leiria (Portugal) 6/7/8th September 2024

    5) Meeting Internazionale Master Città di Bellinzona – Bellinzona (Sui) – 21th Sept 2024


    1. all Master athletes regularly licensed with their federations can participate in the events according to the single Meeting regulations and schedule
    2. the best two performances, obtained in at least two different events of this circuit, of each athlete will be added, following the Age Factor 2023 Table, and will form the ranking that will determine the winner in the men’s and women’s fields
    3. the overall winner of the two rankings (Female and Male) will receive a diploma and a reimbursement of expenses of € 300,00.

    The second and the third will receive a prize and a diploma.

    The awards will be given at the first available Championship or General Assembly”