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EMA President impressed by the strong Norwegian

    EMA president Kurt Kaschke has finally arrived Perth. He is impressed by the event. – This looks very good. The austrailians are well organized, the weather is god. It looks to be a good event, Kashcke says. Anong the 4000 athletes from over 93 nations who are present in the south western city of Australia, Kaschke is very impressed of norwegian thorwer Arild Busterud.IMG 5206 r

    The 68-year-old Norwgian has won all three throwing events he has participated in so far during this championship. – So far so good. Gold in the hammer, shot put and the Weight throw.
    I´m pleased, says Busterud.
    One of the main event for Kaschke and the delegations who will attemped the WMA congress on Sunday the of Ocotber, is who will have the honor of organizing the 2020 World Masters Championships.
    Gothenburg Sweden hope they win the bid. – Gothenburg is a very good candidate, and I hope it will win! The Swedes have organized great evnts, and if they become host of the 2020 WMA championships they will have our support, Kaschke says. – We hope we will win the bid to host the 2020 WMA championships, president of the athletic federation in Gothenburg, Niklas Wallenlind and general secretary of the swedish athletics federation told EMA. By lunche Sunday they will learn if they have won the bid.