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EMA Technical Director Tony Liestoel resigned

    Last week EMA Council received the information from Tony Liestoel that he
    can’t manage his job and the voluntary activity for EMA.
    The Norwegian Federation apologized for this step and will EMA support to
    find a good candidate for the elections in 2017 when the EMA family will
    meet in Aarhus.

    From the part of EMA Council it is Helena Maria Pires de Carvalho who takes
    the responsibility of managing the technical part.
    The old version of our constitution gives EMA the chance to delegate this
    difficult duty to someone else.
    After contacting Martin Roald Arboel and the Danish Federation EMA Council
    received the green light to nominate Martin to take care together with
    Helena the office of the Technical Director.
    For the next European Masters Athletics Championships (Ancona and Aarhus)
    both Technical Managers will handle the duties of the preparation of the

    On behalf of EMA Council

    Kurt Kaschke