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EMAC Venice 2019 – Preview on Throwing Competions

    Galerie Throwing
    Photos: Vânia Sofia de Sousa Silva POR (hammer, weight) ©wiki/sporting – Marianne Maier  AUT (shot put, hepathlon, long jump, high jump, 80m HS) © OELV – Eva Nohl GER (hammer, weight, javelin) ©D.Keller – Evaun Williams GBR (throwing pentathlon, shot put, discus, hammer, javelin) ©A.Hermes – Nora Kutti EST (shot put, weight, hammer, javelin) ©KJVETERANID/EST & EMA.

    The youngest and most prominent record holder among the throwers at EMAC 2019 is probably the Portuguese Vania Sofia Sousa Silva (*June 8, 1980 in Leiria) in the age category W35. She improved the W35 world records in hammer and weight throw. The female hammer thrower Vania Sofia competed at the World Championships in 2001, 2003, 2007, 2009 and 2011 as well as in the Olympic Games in 2004, 2008 and 2012. Her personal best hammer throw is 69.55 metres, achieved in May 2011 in Vila Real de Santo António, Portugal.

    Nora Kutti (*1922) from Estonia is the oldest female world record holder in the throwing competions at the EMAC 2019 in Veneto. She belongs to the age group W95. Nora is registered for shot put, weight throw, hammer throw and javelin throw. Her W95 world record in shot put is 5.85.

    Like Nora, Atrid Busterud (NOR, M70), Evaun Williams (W80, GBR) and Marianne Maier (W75, AUT) also belong to the favourite versatile throwers. Marianne Maier (AUT) impressed at WMAC 2018 in Málaga breaking the world W75 shot put record and the W75 European 80m hurdles record. She is a candidate for a gold medal in the heptathlon too.

    In the W50 hammer throw an interesting competition for gold between Gonny Mik (NED) and Claudine Cacaut (FRA) is to be expected. Gonny turned 50 in 2019. She owns the W45 world record (51.03). Claudine holds the W50 world record (50.50).

    The throwing competitions in detail with the focus on current world record (WR) and European  record (ER) holders.

    a) Shot Put

    W65: LOGHIN Mihaela ROU 13.00 (WR W60 & W65)

    W75: MAIER Marianne AUT 12.12 (WR shot put, ER 80m hurdles in Málaga).

    W80: WILLIAMS Evaun GBR 10.07 (WR shotput, WR weight throw ). Evaun is also registrated for discus, hammer and javelin.

    W95: KUTTI Nora    (*1922)    EST 4.56 (WR 5.85). Nora is the oldest in the shot put group.

    b) Weight Throw

    W35: SOUSA SILVA Vania Sofia POR 19.27 (WR). Vania is also the favourite in the hammer throw.

    W50: MIK Gonny NED 16.92 (ER 17.53 & ER W45). Gonny is registered for hammer throw too with a good chance to win.

    W70: NOHL Eva GER 14.31 (ER hammer throw). Eva’s program: weight throw, hammer throw and javelin throw

    M70: BUSTERUD Arild NOR 23.15 (WR weight throw, ER hammer throw)

    M85: RADO Carmelo ITA 15.34 (ER)

    W95: KUTTI Nora    EST 5.17 (ER 5.16)

    Hammer Throw

    W50: An exciting duel between Gonny Mik and Claudine Cacaut is to be expected.
    MIK Gonny NED 51.03 (ER W45)
    CACAUT Claudine FRA FRANCE 50.50 (ER W50)

    W55: HODEL Connie SUI 48.50 (ER 50.25)

    W70: NOHL Eva GER (ER 38.84)

    M70 BUSTERUD Arild NOR 56.72 (ER)

    W80: WILLIAMS Evaun GBR 37.50 (WR 37.85)

    M85: RADO Carmelo ITA 36.78 (WR)

    W95: KUTTI Nora    EST 10.93 (ER 11.63)

    Javelin Throw

    W65: JENSEN Anne Kirstine DEN 33.00 (ER W60). Her registered width indicates that she wants to attack the currently listed European record 32.02 of the Dutch woman Weia Reinboud.

    W70: KLIMESOVA Jarmila    CZE 27.30 (WR, 27.95)
    W70: NOHL Eva GER 20.90 (ER Hammer)

    W80: WILLIAMS Evaun GBR 27.51 (WR)

    M80: TENHU Jouni FIN 45.23 (ER)

    W95: KUTTI Nora    EST 7.96 (ER 9.89)

    Discus Throw

    M85: RADO Carmelo ITA 33.56 (WR)
    Camelo lost his M80 world record in the dicus throw to Östen Edlund, who threw 40.64 m on 29 June.