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EMAC Venice 2019 – Records fall on a hot final day

    The last day, at the European Masters Athletics Championships, was undoubtedly one of the hottest. Not only for temperatures, raising to near 30 degrees in the province of Venice, but indeed also looking at the results. Two more world records came from the track in Caorle, as 4x400m relays started with the best M85 performance ever set by Germany’s Edi Bscheid, Herbert Müller, Armin Zosel and Friedrich Ingenrieth clocking 7:23.31. In W55 age-group, the strong quartet of Julie Rogers, Christine Anthony, Janice Ellacott and Virginia Mitchell from Great Britain produced an outstanding 4:27.33 that bettered the global mark. Another British team, formed by Caroline Marler, Rosalind Tabor, Joylyn Saunders-Mullins and Caroline Powell, broke W65 European record in 5:00.12.

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    Half marathon took place in the morning, on the streets of Jesolo where Spaniard Francisco Javier Martinez (M40, 1h08:55) and German Sandra Morchner (W45, 1h17:13) prevailed. Home runners from Italy celebrated a lot of gold medals and some great moments. Silvia Bolognesi in 1h32:51 ran the world fastest time in the history for a W65 athlete, shaving five seconds off Swiss Emma Luthi’s record. Angelo Squadrone, born in 1929, reached the finish line in 3h12:14 that is M90 European best. The afternoon in Caorle was highlighted also by the end of men’s throwing pentathlon. At the closing ceremony, EMA President Kurt Kaschke said: “We enjoyed wonderful days of sport, thanks to the organizers for team effort and to the volunteers, for their dedication”. Now the baton passes to Tampere, Finland, appointed to host 2021 edition.

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    Luca Cassai – photos by Alfred Hermes