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EMAC2019/Jesolo: Will one of the oldest men’s sprint records survive?

    Sprint Mazzaconi and Peters

    Great sprinters like Vladimir Vybostok, Slovakia and Stephen Peters, GBR, have passed through the M55 Age Category but the 11.57sec 100m European Record set in Germany back in 1991 by Britain’s Ron Taylor has survived, but for how much longer? From the season’s best times submitted by the 48 entrants, Italy’s Paolo Mazzocconi is fastest but he would need to improve on his 11.85sec time.

    The Championships commence with the qualifying rounds in the main Jesolo stadium early morning on 5th and all the Age Group finals will be well worth watching. The Heats of the women’s sprints are being held in the second stadia in Caorle.

     Taylor is still credited with both the World and European M60 records (11.70) from these Championships in Athens in 1994. A surprise entry here is Val Barnwell from the USA, making a return to competition on European soil. Currently the fastest man amongst the 31 entrants, he has given a faster 11.50sec timing. He will not be crowned champion should he still be the fastest; that will go to the first European over the line. On current form that may well be the Turkish sprinter Gunner Gungor.

     In the younger Age Categories, the host nation’s sprinters feature prominently amongst the fastest 8, but they will be taken to task by a huge entry from the rest of Europe.

     In the M35 Giovanni Tomasicchio, Italy, has run 10.60sec, Jonathan Browne GBR did not contest the British Masters Championships, held in wet blustery conditions two weeks ago, but he tops the 26-strong 100m line-up with 10.56sec and Asaf Malka has run 10.78 with a further 4 men under 11.00 sec this season.

     There are 36 men contesting the M40 sprint, with three under 11sec. Giuseppe Murri ITA with the top time of 10.73sec should be taken to task by the younger Swede, Lion Martinez, 10.76 sec and the tall Briton TJ Ossi. A total of 46 sprinters vie for the M45 title, likely to go to the Portuguese Selwin Wever, and 41 contest the M50 sprint.

     Stephen Peters GBR is now an M65 and again has the fastest time this season. Vladimir Vybostok, Slovakia, has an impressive record at these Championships, however there are faster men in this M70 group and an exciting final is on the cards and the title could easily go to the Netherlands, Austria or one of the British sprinters. Germany dominate the M75 group clear in with the three fastest times, and that is without the indomitable Guido Müller who has now retired from competition.        

     Bridget Cushen