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EMACI 2022 – 400m Finals with World Record

    Ricardo Menéndez A r

    400m World Indoor Record M40: Ricardo Menéndez ESP (Photos A.H)

    At EMACI 2022 in Braga on Feb. 22, Ricardo Menéndez (ESP) broke listed indoor world record in the 400m M40, clocking in at 48.83 to beat Enrico Saraceni‘s (ITA) long-standing mark by 12 hundredth of a second.

    From the beginning, the Spaniard took the lead of the group and steadily increased his advantage. Finally he won the event clearly ahead of the Pole Jakub Adamczyk, whose time was 50.34 seconds. The Spanish fans cheered their world record holder enthusiastically and gave him a standing ovation.



    Ricardo Menéndez already ran the 400m in Valenecia at the beginning of the year in 48.98 seconds, close to the world record. And the day after the 400m race, he ran the 200m and finished in 22.71 seconds.

    In response to questions at that time from Alfred Hermes, EMA Media Manager, Ricardo Menéndez  gave details of his training, his way of life, his plans for the future and his expectations for the European Athletics Championships. It turned out impressively that his dreams have come true:

    Where do you live?

    Ricardo Menéndez:

    I live in GIJON, a small city in the north of Spain that I love. It is bathed by the sea, ideal for sports, with very close people and a lot of life. Besides, we have mountains of more than 2500meters at less than 1h by car. The truth is that ASTURIAS is a small green paradise.

    How did you prepare for your best performances?

    Ricardo Menéndez:

    Normally every day between 9 and 10 in the morning I go to the track to do my running or gym training, always prioritizing the adequacy of these to my age and in case of doubt to train a little less.

    I try to have healthy habits and a very long rest day by day.

    When I’m not in a competitive period I do different activities such as surfing, cycling, climbing or any other fun activity.

    How did you feel after your records?

    Ricardo Menéndez:

    Very, very good, great I would say… Satisfied on a personal level after the effort made during months and very grateful for the love received from the people closest to me.

    What are your expectations in Braga?


    Ricardo Menéndez:

    In Braga I will try to give my best, although it may seem unbelievable at 43 years old I am at my best, I hope to arrive in a great moment at a physical and mental level.

    What are your sporting goals for the future?

    Ricardo Menéndez:

    My intention in the future is to be able to continue training at this level and with as little discomfort as possible. If I am able to have continuity and avoid injuries, I’m sure that the results will be acceptable.

    Although we masters can be very ambitious, we must remember that we do this for the love of athletics and the most important thing is to be able to continue practising it.