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EMACI 2024 Torun (Pol) – The Opening Ceremony

    Inauguration of the 14 Master Indoor Athletics Championships 2024: A Ceremony of Great Splendor

    Toruń, Poland – The lights come on, the crowd gathers and the excitement is palpable as the Toruń Arena prepares to open its doors to the 14th Masters Indoor Athletics Championships, a moment of great splendor and celebration, kicking off an intense week of high-level athletic competitions and challenges.

    The Perfect Scenario

    The stage for this opening ceremony was the magnificent Arena Toruń, a modern, state-of-the-art arena that will be the hub of the action for the entire duration of the championships.
    With its state-of-the-art facilities and capacity to accommodate thousands of spectators, the Toruń Arena is the ideal venue to welcome masters athletes from all over Europe.

    The Parade of Nations

    One of the best moments of the opening ceremony was the parade of Nations, where athletes from all over Europe marched behind the flags of their respective countries. It is a moment of unity and participation, where athletics becomes a universal language of passion and commitment.

    The Opening Speech

    The ceremony was marked by an opening speech, delivered by illustrious guests including the Mayor, President Ema Walentina Fedjuschina and leaders of athletics. Speeches focused on the importance of sport, the dedication of athletes and the opportunity to celebrate excellence and fair play.

    The show of music and dance, a Celebration of Culture and Tradition

    The opening ceremony is not only an opportunity to officially begin the championships, but also to celebrate Poland’s rich culture and tradition. Spectators with folklore shows, musical performances and breathtaking choreography that reflect the vibrant soul of the host country,
    and in fact to conclude the Ceremony, the spectators were offered a beautiful concert by the Torun musical band and a show of local dances by costumed figures of young and old dancers, which transformed the Arena into a stage from an ancient tale.
    It’s a tribute to track and field and everyone who makes it so special.


    With the opening ceremony of the Masters Indoor Athletics Championships in Toruń, a week of emotions, competitions and unforgettable moments begins. It is a moment to celebrate the passion for sport,
    and to pay homage to all the master athletes who continue to inspire the new generations with their dedication and determination.