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EMACI 2024 Torun (Pol) – The protagonists

    The 14th European Indoor Masters Championships (EMACI) start tomorrow, with the Opening Ceremony at 6pm, before immediately giving way to the competitions on Sunday.
    Many protagonists are expected here,
    of which we have tried to give you information on their performances and among these we will write some, apologizing to those who will not be mentioned but there are many.
    Start on the track with the sprinters where for the age group. M45 in the 60 m stellar race will compete with CHAMBERS Dwani,
    very recent record holder and MARTINEZ Lion previous holder; with them also WNOROWSKI Stefan registered with the best time. In the women’s field, ALEXIS Nicole, another world record holder, will be at work.
    In the men’s 60m, ELLIOTT Mensah is expected for age-group M45 and in the women’s HORDER Jane, age-group W65, both world record holders
    There is anticipation for what MAZZENGA Emma Maria W90 will do, fresh from her 60 m, 200 m world records and also registered in the 400 m.
    In the longer track races you will see the fresh world record holder ELMS Clare, age-group M60, at work in the 1500 m, while in the 800 m the 800 m race stands out, cat. M55,
    with the great challenge between BERSEZ Pascal and EL AZZOUZI Hassan and, for the M65 age-group with the presence of FORBES Paul as well as for M85 ALONSO Manuel.
    In the Jumps there will be the very recent world record holder in the High Jump, age-group M75, PREZELJ Dušan and SÄRNDAL Carl-Erik for the age-group M85 while in the Pole Vault, age-group M55,
    we will see HILL Irie also fresh from world record and in the men’s field SCHOBER Dennis, age group M35, and the great pole vaulter RITTE Wolfgang Heinz Josef age group M70. Moving on to Extension Jumps for the W55 age group, NOVOSEL Renata will be present in the Long Jump,
    while SZIRBUCZ Andrea age-group W50 will take to the platform again for women in the Triple Jump. For the men’s Triple Jump you will be present in the age-group M75 BORGE Olle.
    Good luck to everyone and have fun.

    (thanks for contribution to Buongiorno Pasquale)