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EMACI Braga 2020 Reimbursement

    Dear Athletes who registered for EMACI2020 in Braga,
    After many discussions EMA Council found a way to transfer you
    entry fee back onto your account. In the next days PayPal will reimburse.
    For the postponed event in January we will reopen the entries in October this year.
    Please be so kind and apologize us for any inconvenience  – it has been the hardest 
    time ever for all of us … and it is still not over!
    Kurt Kaschke            
    EMA President 
    Jean Thomas 
    Gerardo Vaiani Lisi
    EMA Vice-President Finances
    Martin Roald Arboel
    EMA Vice-President Competition
    Helena Maria Pires de Carvalho
    EMA General Secretary