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EMACI Friday


    pentathlon 1 rPentathlon group M35. Photo A.H 2022

    The pentathlon can confidently be called the supreme discipline of indoor athletics. It combines speed and technique in the 60m hurdles, jumping power and technique in the long jump and high jump, and endurance in the final 1000m race. In addition, working together in five disciplines promotes a sense of community and also caring for one’s competitors. Advice and help is usually exchanged, e.g. regarding the run-up in the high jump.

    On Friday morning, 25 February, the M35 pentathletes were the first to start in the 60m hurdles. Groups M50, M40 and M45 followed at short intervals. Around 15:30 the pentathletes of the M35 age group went on the 1000m track, loved by some, dreaded by others, to find out the overall result afterwards.

    Pentathlon Disciplines 1 r

    The highest score of the day was achieved by Britain’s Darren Dods in M45 with 3907 points.

    The pentathlon winners were

    • M35 Pavel Baar (CZE) 3764 P
    • M40 Jorge Sánchez Simón (ESP) 3534 P
    • M45 Darren Dods (GBR) (6020) 3907 P
    • M50 Gary Smith (GBR) 3822 P

    Weight r

    In the throwing centre outside, the weight throwers from the M45 age group competed for the medals. They enjoyed the good weather in bright sunshine. The longest throw was achieved by Gintautas Misevičius (M50, LTU). He threw the 11.34KG weight 19.16 metres.

    The picture shows Christer Hagberg (SWE), winner in the age group M45