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EMACI Thursday


    F01 W80 r

    60m European Indoor Record W80 by Rietje Dijkman (No. 545). Photo: A.H 2022

    Rietje Dijkman (W80) has already set a world record in the long jump and won the high jump at EMACI. On Thursday she set a European record in the 60m sprint. Her time of 10.58 beat the old listed European record of 11.31 seconds held by German Rosemarie Kreiskott.  The world record is held by Kathy Bergen (USA) with 10.02.

    The 60m finals were held on Thursday afternoon in all age groups.

    • Antony Couffe (M35) from France ran the fastest time and was the only one to stay under the 7-second mark with 06.86.
    • In the women’s race, France’s Amelie Huyghes (W35) ran the fastest time with 7.73.
    • The Brits managed to take all the podium places in M45 with gold for Dominic Bradley (07.14), silver for Mensah Elliott (07.18) and bronze for Joshua Wood (07.22).
    • The oldest participant is Herbert E. Müller (GER), who is 92 years old. He became European Champion M90 with the 60m time 13.66. He is already European Champion in the 400m.

    The scenery for the 60m runners was the shot put on the right, the pole vault and triple jump on the left.
    F02 Galerie r
    F03 Gallerie r

    In the pole vault, Britain’s Irie Hill, among others, showed her superiority in her age group W50 with a height of 3.20m. The silver medallist’s result was 2.40. Irie Hill was very pleased to finally be able to compete again and enjoyed meeting international friends. She lives in the south of England. As a result of the corona pandemic, almost no pole vault competitions had taken place there. For this reason, she did not have any record ambitions here in Baga. Especially since she is still not quite used to her new pole. Fun came first, she said.

    In the morning, the 3000m finals of the 35- to 60-year-olds were already held with exciting battles for the victories. The runners were loudly cheered on by many spectators in the tribunes.

    The men’s discus throw championships were hosted outdoors. The competitions took place in the stadiums BRAGA DOS ANJOS THROWING CENTER and ESTADIO 1° MAIO, which are located near the athletics forum “Altice Forum Braga”.