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EMACI2018 ready to go

    20180318 202418 r Early in the morning the accreditation office was ready but only a few athletes read the massage. At 12.00h the office had the rush our and athletes waited up to one hour to be registered – but it was easy going.
    People were impressed of the indoor arena because it is one of the best in Europe.

    RF EA President Raúl Chapado expressed his feeling during the opening ceremony 

    “We are happy to host the masters here in Madrid for the first time and we will do our best to be an excellent place to remember.”

    Madrid’s Director of Sport Señor Javier Odriozola will participate in some distance runs and like to be part of a strong Spanish team. The third speaker of Madrid was Señor Álvaro César Mato, Vice Councillor of Culture, Tourism and Sport of the Community of Madrid. He is very happy to see many athletes from different countries who like to share the hospitality of the Madrileños during this fantastic event.

    EMA Council honoured Marina Hoernecher-Gil with the TCFPA Trophy for her liftime commitment for Masters Athletics in the world, in Europe, in Spain and in her hometown Lloret de Mar. The personal laudatio was given by EMA President Kurt Kaschke. He pointed out, “Marina has always been the heart of Masters Athletics and she is still involved!”

    Vice-Presidet Jean Thomas passed the diploma of EMA Best Female Master of 2017 to Angela Copson and her tremendous results in her age category.

    The Ceremony closed with a presentation of Spanish Culture – a Flamenco performance par excellence. 

    Thank you LOC of Madrid for this great entry – now the competition can commence.